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Memcache Nodes Upgrade - May 10, 2023 at 18:00 MHQ

Completed 10 May at 06:13pm CDT. Website User Pages Munzee API Servers Munzee Web Map Munzee Mobile App Munzee Store

The update completed without incident. We are currently monitoring and so far, all metrics indicate that things are operating as they should be. If an issue occurs, we will post a new update to Munzee On!

Posted 10 May at 06:13pm CDT.

We'll be updating Munzee's memcache nodes at 18:00 MHQ (CST) - It should take less than half an hour to complete. The game will be down while this update is made, but hopefully should be quick. This upgrade should allow for us to support higher levels of activity during busy gameplay periods, in preparation for upcoming events this weekend.

We will be monitoring the upgrade, and will post updates to once it has been completed.

Posted 10 May at 06:00pm CDT.