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Memcache Database Caching Upgrade - April 6, 2023 MHQ Time

Completed 6 Apr at 07:56pm CDT.

Munzee API Servers

We have updated to the new hardware / software and are monitoring the game for any issues. So far, all metrics indicate that things are operating as they should be. If an issue occurs, we will post a new update to Munzee On!

Posted 6 Apr at 07:56pm CDT.

We'll be updating Munzee's Database caching software/hardware for the next 2 hours - It should not affect immediate game play, but it will take some time for the cache to be updated as users login and play the game again. We will be monitoring the upgrade, and will post updates to as it rolls out.

Posted 6 Apr at 07:20pm CDT.